What is a Shelf Talker?

Shelf talkers are a great way to promote products and snacks, such as our Prime Planet organic tostones. Shoppers often find shelf-talkers in retail stores, grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores, and more! As an easy marketing hack to draw more attention to your products, the question still remains, what is a shelf talker and what are some of the benefits of a shelf talker?  

shelf talkers

As the name entails, shelf talkers are specially printed signs and retail display fixtures created out of cardboard, paper, or plastic. Shelf talkers are located on the shelf where the products are sold and attached to the shelf themselves. Retail shelf-talkers are vibrant and draw attention to shoppers as they maneuver throughout store aisles. 


Benefits of a Shelf Talker 

There are many benefits of a shelf talker, especially if it is bright, informative, and grabs the attention of shoppers. One major benefit of a shelf talker is that it persuades customers and can make the biggest difference on whether or not your product is going to be bought or passed. 


Shelf talkers are an extremely effective way to sell products in a store and keep it moving. An effective shelf talker can do much more than just draw attention to your product. It can differentiate your product from others and can help persuade shoppers that are purchasing that yours is the better option. 


When making an attention-grabbing shelf talker that can keep your product moving, be sure to follow the following tips: 

  • Make it readable 
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Use power words
  • Use minimal graphics
  • Consider the shape and movement of your shelf talker   


Using Shelf Talkers to Sell Prime Planet Tostones Chips 

Shelf talkers are a great way to promote our Prime Planet plantain chips! A marketing tactic for stores we have seen succeed on multiple occasions it helps draw consumers to our bright and healthy chips for sale. Once the shelf talker catches their attention, the flavor of our organic tostones chips will do the rest. 


We offer a wide range of tostones green plantain chips in some of the most mouth-watering flavors. Become a distributor today to sell our plantain chips that Americans just can’t get enough of. From lime plantain chips, to BBQ tostones and habanero tostones chips, we hand-pick our green plantains with care in Ecuador. Using only the highest quality standard and technology, we bring the most delicious flavor in a healthier snack. 


Contact our wholesale snack food company today to learn more about our vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO tostones, and be sure to ask about sweet chili plantain chip flavor. 


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