Healthy Snacks at Publix: Plantain Chips

Do you often find yourself rummaging through grocery store aisles aimlessly trying to find healthy snacks? Well, look no further because Prime Planet organic tostones are finally being sold at Publix supermarkets in the good ol’ Sunshine State of Florida. Publix has over 800 locations in Florida, and now with Prime Planet, they also have the best snacks.


Whether you plan on taking a trip to Publix supermarkets for their infamous Pub-Sub or stopping by right before a beautiful beach day with friends, be sure to swing by the chip section. There you can find the best chips sold at Publix, our tropical snacks that South Floridians just can’t get enough of. Our bright plantain chip bags can be found at the top spots to shop for snack foods on the go, including your nearest Publix. Our innovative international food company based in Miami, Florida, brings to the snack food market the best gluten-free snacks that are both delicious and healthier for you than your average bag of potato chips. 

The Best Snacks From Publix Are Tostones

At Prime Planet, we believe that we have the best chips at Publix. Our green plantain chips offer a healthier snack option that is Vegan, Gluten-Free, Kosher, and Non-GMO with all-natural ingredients. Our Ecuadorian tostones chips are one of the many healthy snacks sold at Publix that are great for all occasions. 


When our team created the best natural plantain chips, we aimed to find a “better-for-you” snack where nutrition, taste, and well-being can all come together in one bite. We offer a flavor that fits everyone’s palate! The perfect healthy snack, customers can find the following Prime Planet chips in their favorite South Florida grocery store: 

With no preservatives, we are transparent when it comes to our plantain chip ingredients to offer some of the best snacks sold at Publix! With delicious flavor at the forefront of every bite, our grab-and-go snacks are perfect for everyone. 

If you are interested in getting your hands on our delicious Prime Planet natural green plantain chips, be sure to find your new favorite healthy snack at Publix in the chip aisle! 

Become a Distributor of Organic Plantain Chips 

Become a distributor today, and your business can be a part of the smart alternative to corn and potato chips with our healthy wholesale snack foods. Our team is constantly trying to spread our delicious flavor to other businesses and is more than happy to work with you to provide a healthier snack option! For more information on our nutritious snacks sold at Publix and other stores nationwide, be sure to contact our Business Development Manager Marie Gonzalez at bdm@primefreshproducts.com.

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