Wholesale Distributors Prepping for the Holiday Season

Prime Planet is an all-natural snack brand that distributes premium quality green plantain chips called tostones. We offer our products in 5 different flavors – Original, Lime, Sweet Chili, BBQ, and Habanero. Our vision is to help build relationships between our customers and distributors that are long-standing and productive. 

We understand the world of wholesale snacks and how the industry works. Our experts have put together a guide to successfully distributing wholesale healthy snacks just in time for the holidays. 


Methods of Bulk Healthy Snacks Distribution

The holidays can be a crazy time for the food and snack industry, and it is important to stay organized throughout the process. Many customers might wonder where to buy wholesale healthy snacks, and the answer is companies like Prime Planet. One of the main problems facing snack food producers is figuring out a way to distribute their products. Here are some methods our team has put together.

Small Retail

One way to get your snacks into small stores is to supply these stores with what they will need to hold your products. If they need a small freezer, provide that. If they sit on a rack or shelf, work with the location to give them what they need. This was a successful tactic used by Coca-Cola and other big-name brands in their early years, and it is a tactic that is still used today in the form of vending machines. 

Vending Machines

Providing vending machines containing your products is a way for offices, stores, and other venues to collect additional money without the hassle of running the food service themselves. There are options to rent the vending machine space from a venue or to split the revenue. It is a growing trend towards having easier access to bulk healthy snacks in other common areas. If an employee is at their place of employment and wants to know where to buy wholesale healthy snacks, they won’t have to look far if there is a vending machine stocked up in the hallway. 

Chain Stores

Another method that can help wholesale healthy snack distributors is to contact the central buying office for chain stores. These central offices can distribute to a larger customer base. As a health-conscious snack company, efforts can be geared towards stores that trend towards organic, low-sugar, and gluten-free products. 


Interested In Being a Snack Distributor?

Prime Planet is one of the leading manufacturers of all-natural snacks in South Florida. Our commitment to sharing our high-quality and premium tostones has allowed us to practice and learn different distribution methods and tactics to share with our customers and partners. We look for ways for our customers to get their hands on our healthy snacks as easily as possible. 

If you are interested in learning how to become a distributor of our healthy snacks, you can contact us today. Just let us know if you are a food service or retail, along with some other information so we can respond to you. Our team looks forward to answering any questions you may have.

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