The Best Healthy Hispanic Snacks

Evening when trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, snacking is still something many people love to do. Prime Planet took this into consideration when creating our healthy Hispanic snacks. We are an all-natural snack brand that specializes in tostones plantain chips. Our plantains are hand-picked in Ecuador and are harvested at the highest quality standards.  

On top of our delicious chips, there are plenty of other healthy Hispanic snacks to choose from. As a healthy snack distributor, we believe in “better-for-you” snacking which is why our chips have no preservatives and are gluten-free, vegan, and healthy! Not to mention they come in five delicious flavors.

Hispanic Chips

When thinking about healthy snacks it is good to aim for 100 to 150 calories for women and about 200 calories for men. Making our Hispanic chips perfect snacks! It helps to refrain from snacks that are rich in sugars and refined carbs. Both of which can cause a boost in blood sugar, not good when trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

Our tostones plantain chips are created with only three ingredients, plantains, palm oil, and salt. Other natural flavorings are substituted for the salt to create each flavor.  

Original Tostones

Since we know plantain chips are already a great healthy Hispanic snack, we wanted to have an original flavor that allowed the fully natural flavoring to be the star. With only a little bit of salt added, our original flavor is a great way to meet that salty snack craving! 

Lime Tostones

Everyone loves a hint of lime in their salty snacks, with Prime Planet you can enjoy that without the guilt! Our tostones plantain chips have zero trans fat and reduced sodium and are perfectly paired with the fruit flavoring that packs a perfect punch. 

Habanero Tostones

For those looking for a little more kick in their snack, our Habanero Tostones will hit the spot! They are full of vitamins A, B, C, and K and are delicious. The perfect snack for anyone who loves a little more spice to their snacking game. 

Barbeque Tostones

Gluten-free, non-GMO, reduced sodium, and an amazing sizzling BBQ flavor! Our BBQ Tostones are perfect for any backyard gathering. They are a great healthy addition without taking away the standard chips that are at every party!

Sweet Chili Tostones

If a more balanced snack is what you are looking for, then the Sweet-Chili Plantains are the best way to go. They have the perfect balance of two flavors, the sweet and the chili! The savory sweet flavor is paired well with our Hispanic chips for a healthy alternative to oily potato chips and other nutritionless snacks. 

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If you love our healthy Hispanic snacks as much as we do, you can contact us today to become a distributor! Our wholesale snack team is committed to our chips providing high-quality nutrition and delicious taste, join our commitment today! 

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