Powerful Points of Purchase Display to Make Sure Your Product Pops

Using point of purchase (POP) marketing gives any brand the opportunity to really engage with shoppers. Prime Planet considers itself a brand that keeps our shoppers in mind. We want our displays to grab their attention and make a great impression. 

Power point of purchase displays

Getting the customers’ attention right away with POP displays is effective and successful if done right. We want to talk about some powerful point-of-purchase displays to make sure your product pops!

What Is Point of Purchase?

Point of Purchase is a term in marketing that describes the planning of the placement of products. These displays are strategically placed in grocery store aisles or advertised in weekly flyers and ads. It is when customers often encounter promotional activities and more. 

It is important to stay creative in creating POP displays. The goal is to catch the eye of the customers and lead them to purchase your products. For our healthy snacks, we use bright, vibrant colors and full transparency on the ingredients of the tostone chips. This separates us from other companies’ tostones that include a lot of additives or ingredients that customers don’t know! 

Below we have included some examples of point-of-purchase displays for your inspiration. 


Point of Purchase Examples

There are many different variations of point-of-purchase displays. Here are some that bigger and well-known brands have been successful with.



Shelf-talkers are also known as hang-tags. These displays appear in the grocery aisles where you can see the products on the shelf and direct the customers passing by straight to the brand you want to promote. 

How these work best:

  • Use big, bold letters
  • Bright colors
  • Include a coupon at the bottom 


End Caps

This type of display is possibly one of the best placements. It is also popular among cosmetic brands. Displays on the end of the aisles are the first thing that customers see when walking into the aisles. End caps are also a type of POP display that is large enough to catch customers’ attention from far away. 


Sidekick Display

Sidekick displays can also be called power wings. They allow you to maximize the sales of your product because they are placed near the areas of the store with the highest foot traffic. This point of purchase display is often hanging on the side of the end cap displays but can also be stand-alone displays by the cash register. They are a small but extremely effective way to showcase products. 


Floor Displays 

Using floor displays for your POP is a great way to save space while still bringing attention to your brand. They don’t stick out of the shelves in the aisles and are a great platform to get very creative. Because they are on the floor, you want to get as creative as possible with them to grab customers’ attention. Since they don’t protrude from the aisles, it is up to the creativity to stick out! 


Free-Standing Displays

Unlike the other displays that are smaller or sticking out of something, this point-of-purchase display stands on its own. This allows you to choose whichever location is available in the store that will maximize brand impressions on customers. With this freedom, you can truly tailor the display to the brand and its type of customers. 


Dump Bins

This type of display is great for those products that might not make it on the initial grocery list, like snacks or candy bars. Using dump bins will allow you to sell your product easily despite what’s on the list if done correctly!

Important factors:

  • Location
  • Bin design
  • Setup

Dump bins target the impulse buyers, so the where, what, and how of the display needs to grab their attention and tap into their impulsive buying. 


Learn More About Prime Planet

There are so many ways to use POP displays to boost your product sales. Prime Planet hopes that our examples have been helpful. If you want to learn more about our gluten-free tostones, contact us or check out all of our products.


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