Environmentally Conscious Snack Manufacturers

As environmentally conscious snack manufacturers, we always think about our consumers. We know that they want to know how a product is made, whether sustainable practices are used, if it follows the best manufacturing standards, and if it has only the most natural base ingredients. Prime Planet’s all-natural tostones are made with care from premium green plantains harvested right at the source where they are grown, in Ecuador. 

environmentally conscious snacks

Our healthy snacks are comprised of only three ingredients. On top of our lightly salted Original Tostones, we also offer other great flavors, including:

Industry-leading standards and high-tech processes ensure that all our all-natural green plantain chips offer not only delicious flavor but are a healthier alternative to traditional snacks like corn and potato chips. Our goal was to create healthy balanced snacks that still gave the taste and feel of guilty pleasure snacks.


Sustainable Practices

As said above, Prime Planet prides itself on only using sustainable practices when it comes to creating our green plantain chips for our customers. This is exactly why they are harvested from the source, and only natural ingredients are used. 

While being a natural yet delicious snack, our tostones also come from environmentally conscious snack manufacturers. We have figured out a way to give a healthier alternative to other chips while keeping our planet in mind. 

If you’re looking for a trusted and reliable snack provider that checks all the boxes, then look no further! Visit our site or contact us today for more information!

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