Wholesale Snack Distributors

Prime Planet not only offers some of the most delicious snacks but also gives people the chance to become wholesale snack distributors. Snack distributors are an important part of the supply chain for many businesses, including ours. Becoming a successful distributor will require learning about the snack food industry. 


You can start by learning about what snack food niche will fit you best. Just like in any industry, choosing a niche is linked to a successful business. 


Build Relationship WIth Snack-Food Wholesalers

Your job as a wholesale snack distributor relies on the relationships you have with the wholesalers of snacks, like our healthy tostones chips. You are the middleman between the snack wholesalers and the retailers. When choosing a niche, think about the companies in that niche. These are the companies you will be representing. Make sure to do your research on what being a distributor will look like for the company. 


Companies can sell candy, healthy snacks, or an assortment of snacks. Once you decide on the snack, then you can start building a relationship with the wholesaler. 


Create Clean and Secure Storage and Transportation Options

As wholesale snack distributors, there are two things that you must have:


  • A secure storage space to keep your inventory.
  • A trustworthy and reliable way to transport the snacks to the buyers.


Storage option for a snack distributor:

  • Your home, if you have the available space.
  • Rent a warehouse space. 
  • Rent a self-storage space.


Whichever way you choose to store your inventory, they must be kept in a climate-controlled space and kept out of direct sunlight. Heat and heavy UV rays can negatively affect any kind of snack. Intense cold and other severe weather can also affect them, so keep your inventory safe.


Snack Distribution Opportunities

Here are some distribution opportunities to look into and consider:


  • Colleges
  • Summer camps
  • Religious organizations
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Sports stadiums
  • Event venues
  • Food trucks
  • Laundromats
  • Grocery stores
  • Car dealerships


It is your responsibility to continue finding new distribution opportunities for your snacks. This is another part of your job that will drive success for your business. 


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Prime Planet would love for you to become a distributor with us. Our commitment to excellence in products and services is what makes us the leading wholesale distributor support from the second you sign on to the delivery of your first order. We are here!

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