What are Tostones?

A mouth-watering snack loved by many in Latin American and Caribbean countries has made its way to America in the shape of a chip. But the question forever remains, “what are tostones and what are tostones made of”? Tostones are best known for their crispy, savory flavor and the diverse forms in which they can be enjoyed. At Prime Planet, a wholesale snack foods vendor of the best plantain chips, we are offering the inside scoop on crispy tostones and how they are made. 


Typically seen as side dishes at a family dinner table or as snacks by many food vendors, Prime Planet offers a whole new variation. With a wide variety of tostones chip flavors to choose from, you would never get bored of our healthier snack option. We hand-pick our green plantains from Ecuador, harvesting them in only the highest quality standards and technology to serve the most delicious flavor. 

What Are Tostones Made Of? 

Tostones are crisp, flattened green plantains that were harvested and deep-fried. The french-fry-like golden exteriors offer a tender and tasty treat, especially when covered in salt. Tostones are also popularly referred to as Patacones, made from slices of unripe, green plantains that have been fried, mashed, and fried once more until they get a beautiful crispy golden color. 


The first fry sears the cut sides of the green plantain, curating the perfect base layer for color. The second fry ensures that every edge is golden and crisp. Cooked plantains offer nutrition similar to potatoes, but tostones provide additional vitamins and minerals. Tostones chips are rich in fiber, vitamin A, C, and B-6. Tostones are also rich in the nutrients magnesium and potassium. 

Buying Tostones Chips in Bulk 

At Prime Planet, we strive to build and maintain long-standing relationships with our customers and distributors by providing the utmost value and quality in our wholesale snack foods. We provide a healthier snack option that is certified vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO, using only the finest ingredients for our tostones chips. We offer a wide selection of tostones chip flavors: 


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