The Plant Paradox Diet & Plantains

The Plant Paradox Diet is a popular diet plan built on the tenet of avoiding foods that contain lectins. If you’ve never heard that term, lectins are a type of protein that binds to sugars and carbohydrates. Prime Planet, a producer and distributor of wholesale snacks including green plantain chips, examines if plantains can be included as a part of the Plant Paradox diet.

What Is the Plant Paradox Diet? 

The Plant Paradox Diet gained popularity and notoriety in 2019 when singer Kelly Clarkson said it helped her lose nearly 40 pounds. The plan is based on a book by Dr. Steven Gundry, appropriately called The Plant Paradox, in which people eliminate foods that contain lectins. However, many doctors have pushed back against this diet plan, citing the lack of research that links lectins with harmful effects on one’s weight.

As with any change in your lifestyle, you should consult with your doctor before beginning a diet and nutrition plan such as the Plant Paradox Diet.

Do Green Plantains Contain Lectins?

For those considering the Plant Paradox diet, green plantains are a suitable addition as they do not contain lectins. This is because green plantains, which are unripe, do not contain resistant starch that becomes sugar. Prime Planet’s all-natural tostones, which are made from premium green plantains, are an excellent and healthy choice for anyone looking to choose a lectin-free diet. This is also a quality that makes it one of the best vegetarian snacks available. 

So whether you are eating fresh green plantains or in a prepared form such as Tostones, you can include them in your meal planning if you are on the Plant Paradox Diet. The biggest thing to remember is once plantains ripen and are no longer green, they will no longer be compatible with the Plant Paradox Diet.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Green Plantains?

Adding green plantains to your diet, including all-natural green plantain chips from Prime Planet, provides a host of health benefits. Our green plantain chips do not contain preservatives of any kind. They are also vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. This is what makes them healthy vegetarian snacks. When paired with other high-protein snacks for vegetarians, there is no question that vegetarians could enjoy a balanced diet. 

Many people think bananas and plantains are the same things, but they definitely are not. Plantains have lower sugar content, but bananas have more fiber. Plantains are also a bit higher in calories but are rich in potassium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. 

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