Are Plantains Healthier Than Bananas?

Plantains and bananas are already especially popular in Latin America and the Caribbean; they claim the status of a staple in their diets mainly in part to their distinct health benefits. With the growing popularity of Prime Planets’ delicious tostones chips, Americans are now more and more loving plantains! Some popular recipes include Tostones con Pollo and regular fried tostones. Since they look the same and come from the same family, plantains and bananas are commonly confused. This confusion also translates to consumers not knowing the distinct health benefits that they offer.

Prime Planet is here to clarify any questions that people may have about the differences between bananas and plantains when it comes to their health benefits. Below, you can find a definitive guide that draws the line between plantains and bananas.

Banana vs. Plantains Nutrition 

Plantain nutritional facts and healthy banana properties are very similar thanks in part to their similar genealogical tree. The difference between the two is reflected in their flavor profile. Plantains are less sweet than bananas, which indicates their lower sugar and higher starch content. Plantains are perfect for making gluten-free bread for those interested in making their own bread but who need a flour alternative. A plantain’s genetic makeup makes them perfect as a base for salty vegan snacks like Tostones chips, which can be described as ‘potato chips made from plantains.’

On the other hand, bananas have higher sugar and less starch, which is reflected in their feebler consistency and sweeter flavor. This makes them more popular for sweet pastries like banana bread or pudding.

Here is a list of the differences between the health benefits of eating bananas and plantains:

  •         Plantains have lower sugar
  •         Plantains have a higher starch content
  •         Bananas have lower carbohydrates and higher fiber
  •         Plantains are a bit higher in calories
  •         Plantains are rich in carbohydrates
  •         Plantains are rich in potassium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C

Plantains vs. Bananas: Health Benefits 

Plantains and bananas offer very similar health benefits. For one, their richness in vitamins A and C means they can act as antioxidants. In other words, including them in a balanced diet allows them to override harmful molecules which cause tissue damage and disease, which could also act as an anti-inflammatory agent. Read more on how plantains are anti-inflammatory foods

Also, the high potassium and fiber content of both plantains and bananas can aid in muscle, memory, and digestive function. The principal difference between plantains and bananas is their starch content. A higher amount of starch in a diet could be beneficial when one considers the benefits of starch, which includes:

  •         Lower risk of heart disease
  •         Lower risk of stroke
  •         Decreased risk of type 2 diabetes

Prime Planet specializes in providing customers with gluten-free snacks that are also vegan, kosher, and actually delicious snack alternatives to traditional brands. Our tostones chips are made from high-quality plantains sourced in Ecuador and available for purchase at your nearest Publix, Kroger, and select local convenience and alternative snack stores. Our plantain chips are also available for delivery on Instacart, Amazon, or direct. Our plantain chips come in an array of flavors, including:

If you wish to include plantains in your diet after reading this guide on the differences between bananas and plantains, visit our product page. We offer assistance to prospective prime food and wholesale plantain chip distributors. Contact Prime Planet to learn more about our gluten-free snacks.

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