A Guide to Grocery Store End Cap Displays

End cap marketing is a great way to draw the attention of grocery store shoppers as they linger through aisles, especially if your supermarket is displaying different types of snacks and chips all from the same brand. 


At Prime Planet we offer wholesale snack foods such as green plantain chips that are made with bright packaging that is sure to grab the attention of shoppers. With a creative, yet visually appealing space,  a grocery store end cap display can create an efficient retail space that does all the work! Here is a full guide to grocery store end cap displays for snack foods. 

What is an End Cap Display? 

In retail marketing, such as in a grocery store or supermarket, an endcap display is a marketing tactic that displays a specific product or brand at the end of an aisle on a shelving unit. Having a grocery store end cap display for certain snack foods like organic tostones offers a competitive advantage as it is seen more by shoppers and draws more attention. 


The display of products on a supermarket end cap display is referred to as a feature and can either be made up of one single product or a plethora of products from one particular brand. Features are often used during a promotional period for end cap marketing tactics in order to help boost sales and product awareness.  

How to Use End Caps for Marketing Snacks 

End cap marketing is used for two specific reasons such as displaying items for promotional reasons or to highlight a particular product. Secondly, an end cap display is used to help grocery stores and supermarkets sell more items. Harnessing the power of supermarket end cap displays offer you the opportunity to bundle your sales and marketing efforts into one essentially.


Here are some helpful tips on how to use end caps properly: 

  • Ensure that the displays are stocked at all times.  
  • Use end caps to cross merchandise the complementary products; for example, chips and dips.  
  • Don’t overcomplicate end cap displays but ensure to make them bright and fun.  
  • Settle on one core message that presents the product in the best light 
  • Consider adding a technological element to your supermarket end cap to draw more attention from curious customers.
  • Having a 3D element can be a great way to ensure shoppers see your end cap display. 


If you are a retailer or grocery store owner and a supplier of the snacks purchased the end cap from you, it is still the retailer’s responsibility to ensure that the supermarket end cap display is fully stocked and looks good at all times. The merchandiser of the snack food product that works for the specific company could be more involved at times simply to ensure the supermarket end cap display is up to par. 


If the supermarket or grocery owners choose to display and promote these specific products, it is up to the store and their team to manage the end cap display.

Ordering Wholesale Snack Foods for an End Cap Display 

At Prime Planet, we offer gluten-free tostones chips that are in bright packaging with an array of colors and flavors that is sure to draw the attention of grocery store shoppers. Our tropical snacks are a supermarket favorite and certified Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Non-GMO, all while being a deliciously healthy snack. 


A smart alternative to corn and potato chips, our healthy snacks are great to promote products and sales for any supermarket end cap display. Become a distributor today to learn more about our exciting natural plantain chip flavors and how we can help display your Prime Planet products in a fun way! 

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